2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta to be auctioned on Saturday, September 9



2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta
Exclusive Cars and Collectables from Ferrari
Only Available at Ferrari — Leggenda e Passione
Enthusiasts will have an exclusive chance to acquire some of the rarest cars and collectibles from Ferrari this 9 September during the Ferrari – Leggenda e Passione auction held at the Ferrari Factory in Maranello.

Offered for sale directly from Ferrari and available for bid is a brand-new 2017 Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta (Estimate: €3.000.000 – €4.000.000) wearing a unique livery to be unveiled during Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebrations at Maranello. This is the last LaFerrari Aperta to be built, and proceeds of its sale will benefit charity.

The 210th LaFerrari Aperta produced
Designed with a unique livery to be unveiled during Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary celebrations at Maranello
The pinnacle of Ferrari road car design, performance and passion
Proceeds to benefit charity

During Ferrari’s 70-year history, there has never been another vehicle as eagerly anticipated or as technologically advanced as the LaFerrari Aperta. The result of seven decades of ingenuity, perseverance, creativity, passion and success, the LaFerrari Aperta is a vehicle that embodies every aspect of the company and its founder, the late Enzo Ferrari.

Putting the company firmly at the forefront of automotive technology thus far in the 21st century, the LaFerrari Aperta combines lessons learned from Formula One, Corse Clienti and Ferrari’s previous road-going supercars. This would be Ferrari’s first foray into hybrid-electric vehicles; in doing so, the LaFerrari sought to use this technology to support and benefit the already ludicrous performance of its traditional combustion engine. Increasing performance while reducing its carbon footprint, harnessing the benefits of electric power gives the LaFerrari Aperta truly mind-bending performance with all the flair and soul that Ferrari’s most valued customers have come to know and love.

Over the course of the past year, Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary has been celebrated on six continents and dozens of countries around the world, celebrating a company that has been at the forefront of motorsport and automotive culture since its very beginnings. At all of these celebrations, the LaFerrari Aperta has been at the forefront of the festivities, a shining light pointing towards Ferrari’s bright future, showing that while the past has been nothing short of extraordinary, the best is still yet to come.

Today, the future starts here with this very special LaFerrari Aperta.

While only 209 LaFerrari Apertas have been slated for production, the winning bidder of this lot shall receive the 210th example built. Not yet constructed, this specific LaFerrari Aperta shall be sporting a new and unique livery to be unveiled during Ferrari’s 70th Anniversary on 9 September. Furthermore, all proceeds for the vehicle will be sold to benefit charity, channelling our passion to support those in need. A wholly unique opportunity to acquire a true one-off Ferrari, this LaFerrari Aperta shall stand out from the rest due to the uniqueness of its livery and pride of place in the model’s production run. Not only would this be a noteworthy addition to any lucky tifosi’s stable, but an acquisition in support of a very worthy cause.