Porsche Carrera GT set to cross the block in Mecum Las Vegas Auction


From the Quam Collection
2,000 original miles
Fayence Yellow
5.7/605 HP V-10 engine
6-speed manual transmission
Factory-rated top speed of 205 MPH
Developed by Porsche's motorsports division
Carbon fiber removable roof panels
Porsche ceramic composite brake system
Porsche ceramic composite clutch
Pushrod actuated inboard suspension
Carbon fiber and aluminum monocoque and subframe
Carbon reinforced plastic engine and transmission mounts
5-spoke magnesium wheels
Two-chamber stainless steel exhaust system
Racing-style reinforced cockpit safety design
Xenon headlamps
Galvanized magnesium center console
Bucket XT seats, air conditioning
Factory luggage
Factory lithograph
Rare CGT prospective owner's kit
Books and manuals

The Porsche Carrera GT set a new standard in the face of competition from other manufacturers that were introducing exotic supercars at the top of the market. The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, BMW Z8 and other supercars from Bentley, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari and others were fast encroaching on Porsche’s position as the world leader of sports-car manufacturers, and the Carrera GT was Porsche’s overwhelming answer. Powered by an enlarged version of the stillborn Le Mans-purposed LMP 2000 5.7L/605 HP V-10 backed by a Porsche Ceramic Composite Clutch driving a transverse 6-speed manual gearbox (also derived from the LMP 2000), the Carrera GT made full use of Porsche Racing Division’s expertise in engine and chassis development.

The entire drivetrain assembly was cradled on hydrodynamic mounts in a carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic cradle mated to the monocoque tub, which was formed of specially woven and layered carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb, and provided mounting points for all-independent pushrod suspension complete with Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes and 5-spoke magnesium wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. Special heat-resistant resins and aluminum shields protected the rear of the chassis from the heat of the closely packaged two-chamber stainless-steel exhaust. While the Carrera GT’s compact central carbon-fiber tub incorporated integrated rollover hoops and a reinforced windshield frame for maximum passenger protection, the finished cockpit wraps its occupants in refined luxury while satisfying Porsche’s goal to “bring the driver as close as possible to a full-blown racing experience on the road.”

Achieving that mix included installing a 911-style gauge cluster with a 10,000 RPM tach and 235 MPH speedometer, a new 3-spoke steering wheel and Kevlar-framed racing bucket seats, as well as mounting the shift lever high on a galvanized magnesium center console. Air conditioning, power accessories and optional Ascot Brown leather provide the finishing touches to this exclusive 2005 Carrera GT from the Les Quam Collection, which presents in vibrant Fayance Yellow and boasts superb originality corroborated by its odometer reading of just 2,000 miles. Included with this Porsche is its factory luggage, factory lithograph, a rare CGT prospective-owner's kit, and its books and manuals.