TVR Scamander prototype to front Wildcards class @ London Concours

TVR Scamander prototype to front Wildcards class @ London Concours

The capital’s leading automotive garden party will gather the most unique cars for a one-of-a-kind display
From the amphibious TVR Scamander to James Bond’s Lotus Esprit, the Wildcards class will highlight the cars too distinctive to be confined to a feature
Scamander to also star in Harry’s Garage video this Sunday, 5th May
Spectacular line-up on display from June 4th to June 6th
London Concours returns for its eighth edition at the Honourable Artillery Company


The London Concours – the capital's leading automotive garden party – is set to host a celebration of automotive eccentricity with its 2024 ‘Wildcards’ class. The year’s event, running from June 4th to 6th at the Honourable Artillery Company, will feature a curated selection of the rarest and most spectacular cars, each boasting its own unique story and character.


Presented by Adrian Flux, the Wildcards class at London Concours promises to offer visitors a one-of-a-kind experience, showcasing some of the most extraordinary automobiles ever produced. From classic icons to bespoke creations, each car in the line-up is unique in its craftsmanship, and innovation.


Central to the showcase will be the truly wild Scamander, the brainchild of former TVR boss Peter Wheeler. Conceived as a machine that could blend both on and off-road prowess and with the potential for aquatic adventure, the amphibious Scamander was a creation like no other, making it perhaps the ultimate ‘wildcard’.


The Scamander boasted a distinctive design, even by the wild standards of TVR, with three seats nestled beneath a sleek sliding canopy, and an elongated body that half-hull, half aircraft fuselage. For Wheeler, this automotive marvel was a passion project that extended beyond his years owning the Blackpool marque. Initially equipped with a modest 2.0-litre engine, the Scamander was later fitted with a mid-mounted 275hp Ford V6, channelling its power through an automatic transmission to the rear wheels. Despite Wheeler’s work, and the Scamander’s emergence as a functioning prototype in 2008, it never entered production, and the car that will be on show this June remains the only one in existence. Recently re-commissioned after 12 years lying dormant with help from Harry Metcalfe, EVO founder and YouTube star with Harry’s Garage, the Scamander will be making its first public appearance for many years when it rolls into the HAC grounds this June.


The Scamander will appear on Harry’s Garage YouTube channel this coming Sunday, 5th May, with a video charting its resurrection, and the work being done to ready the car for its concours debut this June.


Also entering the spotlight in the Wildcards class is the 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S "Ponton" Cabriolet, a timeless masterpiece that represented a pivotal moment in automotive history. Emerging in 1954 as part of the revolutionary "Ponton" series, the Mercedes-Benz 220 introduced a groundbreaking design with its pontoon-like sides, heralding the end of separate fenders seen in earlier models. These vehicles marked the debut of Mercedes-Benz's unit-body construction method, setting a new standard for structural integrity and design innovation.


In 1958, the 220S Cabriolet joined the esteemed series, boasting refined enhancements such as a silken 2.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine with twin carburation, as well as a seamlessly integrated one-piece front bumper, and elegant chrome trim adorning its sides. With its elegant silhouette and meticulous attention to detail, the 220S epitomized Mercedes-Benz's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive engineering.


Also joining the prestigious line-up will be the Lotus 1976 Esprit, a true icon immortalized by its appearance in the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me." Designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and Lotus design boss Oliver Winterbottom, this mid-engined marvel captivated audiences with its sleek wedge-shaped silhouette.


Beneath its aerodynamic exterior lies a meticulously crafted 1973cc straight-four engine, a testament to Lotus's commitment to engineering excellence. Constructed entirely of alloy and featuring a twin-cam configuration with four valves per cylinder, this cutting-edge powerplant delivers an impressive output of 160hp, showcasing remarkable performance from its compact dimensions.


A fine example of the Jaguar XK120, a model steeped in racing heritage, will also be on show at the event. This iconic model stands as a testament to Jaguar's illustrious motorsport legacy, having once dominated the iconic Goodwood circuit in its prime.


Underneath its shapely exterior lies a formidable 3442cc inline-six powerplant, celebrated for its seamless power delivery and remarkable torque. Whether tearing down the open road or conquering the racetrack, this legendary roadster continues to captivate enthusiasts and drivers alike with its timeless charm and undeniable performance prowess.


Andrew Evans, Managing Director, London Concours, said: “Some cars are simply too unique and idiosyncratic to be confined to the criteria of our feature classes. This is where our Wildcards come in; a display of truly rare and spectacular cars that exemplify the diversity of the automotive scene, each with their own specialities," said Andrew Evans, London Concours Director.”


Beyond the cars, guests to the Honorary Artillery Company will be treated to a decadent range of food and drink options – including the all-day Club Concours hospitality experience, engaging live stage discussions, as well as a carefully selected line-up of luxury brands and boutiques. London Concours 2024 is set to be another unforgettable occasion of automotive indulgence.


Tickets on sale now at, from £35

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