Hellas Rally Raid 2024 roars back to life

Hellas Rally Raid 2024 roars back to life

Hellas Rally Raid 2024 Highlights - Day 1

The Hellas Rally Raid 2024 kicked off yesterday with an exhilarating start from the Marina of Itea, where the main bivouac is set for the duration of the event. Marking the beginning of a seven-day adventure, the event has drawn nearly 300 participants, including a lineup of 45 SSVs. The first day set the stage for a week of intense competition, showcasing the skill and determination of riders and drivers from around the globe.

Day 1 of the rally saw participants tackling challenging terrains with rocky trails routes, testing their navigation skills and endurance in this Prologue of 65 kilometres.


Mulec Toni from Austria set the best overall time, clocking in at 1h03:39.57, narrowly edging out Tobias Ebster by just five seconds. Ebster, the winner of the Original by Motul category in Rally Dakar 2024, also competed in the M3 category, making for an exciting start to the rally.


In the M1 category, Eristi Ejder Tekin from Turkey led the pack with a time of 1h16:53.59, while Riva Mattia dominated the M2 category with a time of 1h10:37.78. Matyas Cervenka’s time of 1h05:56.12 in the M4 category was not only the best in his category but also the third best overall, highlighting his exceptional capabilities. Francesco Puozzi from Italy took the lead in the M5 category with a time of 1h12:42.42, rounding out a day of thrilling competition.


Known for their excellence in the world of motorcycle racing, Aprilia's participation adds a new level of prestige and competition to the rally with Jacopo Cerutti achieving the best time of M6 category with 1h07:23.26.

The fastest performance in the Quads was Antanas Kanopkinas in 1h11:23.15, while the best time for the SSVs was achieved by the duo Hugues-Delfino in 1h06:07.62.


The Hellas Rally is renowned for its rigorous and demanding courses that push the limits of endurance and skill. In the following days, participants will need to demonstrate exceptional navigation abilities and physical stamina to conquer the rally's unique challenges.

Text Credits: Hellas Rally Raid
Photo Credits: Actiongraphers

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