A1 Goeters confirmed for Mexico

The Mexican driver also joins the team as an advisor

A1 Team Mexico confirmed Jorge Goeters as the driver who will represent them this weekend during the A1GP World Cup of Motor Sport event in China that will be held at 4.6-Km. (2.9-mile) Shanghai International Circuit.

Executive Vice-President of A1 Team Mexico Julio Jauregui said: "All started during a conversation at the Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome during the March 16 race, where Jorge offered his support to the team, not only as a driver, but also providing his racing experience."

And he added: "We had several options in terms of drivers, but due to several situations we decided to bet on Jorge's driving experience. However, still Esteban Gutierrez and David Martinez among others are welcome in the future to race for us.""Goeters is a great driver and has had very good results when he has been called in similar situation. Therefore, we have good expectations regarding his performance. I'm sure he will provide a lot of things to the team and to the organisation overall. In addition, he is in good shape to race in an event that is physically demanding."

"His experience and the communication with the engineer will provide good ideas to the team. We hope he will do well, since other experienced drivers managed to get good results during their debut in the series," he said.

Also, Jauregui said that Jorge Goeters' role in the team is not only focus on the driving duties. "We have considered that after the race in China, Jorge also will join the team as a driver coach, he will be part of the A1 Team Mexico marketing area and mainly he will serve as an advisor. His role within the team will not only be limited to driving the car."

On the other hand, Jorge Goeters said: "Thank you very much indeed. I am very glad to receive this news that I am the designated driver to race in A1GP at Shanghai, representing the Mexican team. I am very grateful to Julio Jauregui and all the A1 Team Mexico to see if with my experience I can decently represent them. Unfortunately, in all the rush I did not practice, I don't know the car or the track, but we are going to do our best to deliver."

Questioned about the Shanghai International Circuit and his expected performance at the event, the Mexican driver said: "I have heard that is a fast track and I already had the opportunity to talk with the engineer of the Mexican team. He told me that he has a good setting for this track and we will work on it according to my driving style. On Friday at 11 in the morning we have a rookie session. Later I have two hours to learn the track and work on the car to attempt to qualify well for Mexico."

Goeters was a successful driver in Mexico, racing in the F2 and F3000 series. The last time he raced in a formula was on May in 2005 for PKV Racing in the last Champ Car race held at Monterrey, Mexico. "Now I am going to adapt again to drive formulas and I am going to do my best in China," former stock car driver said.