Red Bull Barcelona Test

 Day One, 14 AprilDriver:       David CoulthardCar:          RB4 - 01Time:         1:22.193, Laps: 59Fastest Lap: F. Massa: 1:18.339

Circuit length: 4.655 km

The last time the Test Team spent a session with RB4 it was still a race virgin, but this week in Barcelona, it has evolved into a veteran of three grands prix, about to continue its development in preparation for the first European leg of the season.

With the championship now underway, testing rules mean that only one car can be used per  team.  The  test  lasts  for  four  days,  as  the  rule  restricting  the  test  to  three  has been  altered  this  week  to  allow  teams  additional  time  to  evaluate  the  Bridgestone slick tyres to be used as from the start of 2009. This makes meaningful study of the lap  times  from  the  next  four  days  almost  impossible  as  there  are  no  set  times  for running next year's rubber.

David Coulthard was at the wheel for us today: in the morning he concentrated on general chassis and aerodynamic work and in the afternoon he evaluated the slick tyres. He continues driving today.

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