Horsepower - Equine Rescue France

Horsepower - Equine Rescue France

A mate of ours at racinggreencars - has a sister who runs an equine rescue centre in France. We have a few rescue racehorses as rapid pub transport so know the feel good factor of looking after a few nags - and salute Kathryn's worthy endeavours on the other side of the pond.

The centre have a lively site with a blog which seems to be kept up to date on a daily basis - with lots of cool pix of equines they have rescued.

So do the right thing and go visit the site!

Details and web link below:

Equine Rescue France is a new, not-for-profit association recently created by like-minded individuals in the west of France. We are all passionate about horse welfare in both the short and the long term, and are working together to promote the well-being of equines in France. 

Click here for the Equine Rescue France web site - and find out about the good work done at the centre