My dad wished he had one of those ..

Published on 29th May - Hodder & Stoughton

You've test-driven Crap Cars and My Dad Had One Of Those: now here comes the luxury model ...

When you were growing up your Dad might have seemed like a man of simple pleasures, such as a pint of bitter, a new power drill and a home cooked meal on the table when he got home.But your Dad had dreams too. Yes, he loved your Mum but if Diana Dors came knocking he’d have been out of his armchair in a flash. And don’t think he was entirely content with that Ford Cortina or Austin Princess on the driveway either. In quiet moments Dad was dreaming of Ferrari Daytonas, Lamborghini Miuras and countless other shiny wedges that he would never be able to afford. My Dad Wished He Had One Of Those celebrates those objects of desire that gave your Dad a faraway look in his eyes

Richard Porter is script editor for Top Gear and writes for EVO magazine. He is the author of Crap Cars and the co-author, with Giles Chapman, of My Dad Had One Of Those.

Giles Chapman is a motoring journalist and a leading authority on the history, industry and culture of the motor car. He is the co-author of My Dad Had One Of Those and author of, among others, The Worst Cars Ever Sold