A1 Team France on display

A week before the final on the Brands Hatch circuit in England next weekend, the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport Championship was on display in London yesterday in no less a place than Regent Street, one of the most prestigious thoroughfares of the British capital.

It looked like a pit lane as cars from the 22 nations entered in the championship were on display. Throughout  the  day  motor  racing  enthusiasts  were  in  seventh  heaven  in  London.  14  drivers  were interviewed  on  a  huge  stage  while  the  best  moments  of  the  2007/08  races  were  shown  on  giant screens  and  national  boutiques  on  the  street  displayed  their  wares. 

Music  groups  followed  one another in quick succession much to the delight of the spectators. A1  Team  France  used  this  unique  occasion  to  launch  a  competition,  which  will  end  next  Saturday.

Yesterday, a question was hidden on the bodywork of its car. All contestants can send their answer to a1gp.com by clicking on the French flag. A draw in Brands Hatch will allow the winner to get Loïc Duval’s signed overalls. Good luck!

Nicolas Prost: “ I spent a fantastic day entirely dedicated to motor sport with our fans and car racing lovers. On the circuits our time is a bit limited and it’s difficult to answer all requests. I was very happy to be able to spend time with all the people who’ve supported us. This presentation has boosted our morale, and we’ll do our very best to finish in second place in the championship next weekend.”

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