Kimis perfect Spanish weekend

It was a perfect weekend for us in Barcelona. We were going really fast all the time and we didn't have a single problem during those three sunny days we had in this circuit we all know so well.

Obviously every time while I go to the race, I think what might happen this weekend. It is so often that something goes wrong. Many times I have won and afterwards still had a feeling that it could have gone better.

Now after Barcelona I did not have that feeling that we could have improved. As a win this is propably the best I have ever had, while the whole weekend went so smoothly and well without any difficulties any time.

Of course, in this business you are not able to reach the perfect satisfaction, but what we achieved as a total result in Barcelona is pretty close to that.

We started strongly on Friday practise and we finished the race even stronger. All the time the car became better and better. All the things the boys at the factory had done to improve the speed were working well.

I said before that the qualiying will be very important factor for the result of the race and, obviously, that was the case in Barcelona, again.

We made some changes to the set-up already in the test session and, oh boy, I was satisfied with the feeling we got from it. Now the car is also working in one lap as I want it to work.

My first run was not succesful, because of the traffic and I could not get the tyres ready. But the last lap was good. I was very happy to clinch the pole knowing the fuel level for the race, too.

The pole position gives you the best chance to control the race. Obviously you have to be in pole to win in Barcelona. My start was not that good, but still it was enough to keep my position.

In the end of the day we could not fully maximise our strategy, while the safety car came twice to the circuit. Without that the gap to the others would have been bigger.

When you lead the race, there is no reason to start to push hard to get a bigger gap. It is better just to control the race and make sure that the gap stays as it is.

Obviously it felt good to get the fastest lap, too. That gives the joy for the moment you've done it. For me it was the first one this year.

Of course I never hope that anybody hurts himself. This time it was even worse to see Heikki's car in that wall. It was a big crash, but luckily he is all right.

Winning the race was good for me and it was good for the team. We hoped to get the 1-2 result and we got it. Now we are leading both championships, but we have to work even harder to keep our positions.

I've got such a lead that it gives a small safety to the championship. But it takes only one bad result and it's gone. At least we could afford a bad result, but the others don't. That helps a little.

There is a long road to go and I know very well that we are not going to have every time weekends like we had in Barcelona. Obviously there will be difficulties, but we have a strong car and the speed to try to win in every race. I think that is the best thing right now.

Next stop is Istanbul. Like always we try to bring the best points from there, too. It should be a good circuit for us, but we have to wait and see, what happens there.

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