Tom Kristensen on Mugello

Aerodynamics particularly important at Mugello Arrabbiata corners most demanding track section DTM circuit in the heart of Tuscany

Mugello is a dream for many racers. Audi driver Tom Kristensen, who started from the front row last year in Italy, explains why he is particularly fond of the circuit in Tuscany. Over a distance of 5.245 kilometres, the demanding course offers various cornering radii and numerous differences in elevation. The third race of the 2008 DTM season will be broadcast live on Sunday starting at 1:45 p.m. on "Das Erste".What does racing in Italy mean to you?"Racing in Tuscany is simply beautiful. The circuit stands for a great tradition – and we’re driving where other people spend their holiday. A lot of money has been invested in making a classic circuit safer and more modern, while preserving its characteristics."What are the crucial factors on this fast circuit?"At Mugello, a lot depends on aerodynamics. You need to achieve the right parameters. It’s not easy to come up with the right balance between aerodynamics, weight and camber. Many of the turns are very fast, most of them are driven in third or fourth gear."

The circuit is characterised by different elevations as well."For me, exactly this is the key characteristic of a real race track. These differences in elevation are truly a challenge. The Arrabbiata sections at the lowest point of the circuit put you to a really tough test on every lap."Does this race track offer good opportunities for overtaking? Mattias Ekström was significantly quicker last year than Mika Häkkinen, but – nonetheless – didn’t manage to pass him."On a fast circuit overtaking isn’t easy. But I think that perhaps we could have seen a few manoeuvres last year if Mattias risked them. But he focused on other aspects that were more important for the championship."

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