Kimi Column - Turkish GP preview

Keep on fighting

For a change, It was nice to relax with my best friedns at home in Finland. Wehad some days off and the weather was brilliant.

There were no testing after Barcelona. I bet all the top teams have done theirhomework very carefully to beat us in Turkey. But there is no reason to worryabout that. I believe Ferrari will go fast there, too.

If you look at the circuits we've raced on this season, Istanbul is demandingin a similar way like Malaysia and Bahrain. Well, Ferrari won both of those andthat gives us a good feeling we should be again very competitive.

Obviously Spain was a perfect weekend for me and the team. Now we want to makesure, we keep our position. At least we will push very hard - like ourcompetitors do to catch us.

In Barcelona we got our first pole of the season. It helped a lot. It seemsit's a MUST to get a pole In Istanbul, too. Last year I made a mistake in Q3and it really hurt. Seems that to win in Turkey, you have to start from thepole - just like in Barcelona.

I really like Istanbul. It is the best of these new circuits. There aredownhill and uphill and it has some very challenging corners. You really have agreat feeling especially after getting the Turn 8 exactly right.

We drive anti-clockwise there. It is the first time this year we have this kindof a place and, for sure, it gives a tough time for the neck muscles.

I've had two wins and a second position after the first 4 races and I'm leadingthe championship by 9 points. I'm very happy how things have gone so far. Thatsaid things can change very quickly in F1 so the whole team needs to keeppushing 100% to stay ahead of our competitors.

I won't change anything in my approach. It's far to early in the season tothing about anything other than taking the maximum amount of points at everyGrand Prix.

I want to win as many races as possible. I must confess that I really like thispart of the season. We just go for it every time. Only winning matters.

We are leading the championship, but it does not count, if we are not able tokeep our position, when it really means something. The best way to hang onfirst is to keep the others behind in the race.

Obviously our target is the get 1-2 result again. We will fight - as hard asthe Finnish team does at the world championships of icehockey in Canada.

It's nice that Heikki is again well. The safety issues of these racing carsseem to be handled very well. That is good for the sports.

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