Rally Route

The base remains in Olbia, with the single service park in the town's port, but organisers have maintained their policy of ringing the changes with 29 per cent of the stages new and some competitive distance used in the opposite direction to previous years. 

The exclusive coastal resort of Porto Cervo again hosts both the start and finish ceremonies. Much of the new distance is covered on the opening day which nevertheless returns to traditional territory south of Olbia in the Nuoro region. 

The second leg is similar to last year, covering more inland tests in Gallura and including the spectacular Monte Lerno jump.  The final day moves away from Tempio Pausania and Arzachena for tests south of Olbia before a short, final stage just south of Porto Cervo in the famous Cala di Volpe gulf.  Drivers tackle 17 stages covering 344.73km in a route of 1040.35km.

Thursday 15 May: Ceremonial  Start   Marina Vecchia, Porto Cervo     20.00

Friday 16 May: Day 1 Olbia - Olbia

Start   Olbia                           09.00 SS1     Monte Corvos                    16.43km 10.23 SS2     Crastazza                       33.96km 10.50 SS3     Terranova                       15.39km 12.07 Serv A  Olbia (30 mins)                         13.25 SS4     Monte Corvos                    16.43km 15.18 SS5     Crastazza                       33.96km 15.45 SS6     Terranova                       15.39km 17.02 Serv B  Olbia (45 mins)                         18.00 Finish  Olbia                   18.45

Total                               131.56km

Saturday 17 May: Day 2 Olbia - Olbia

Serv C  Olbia (15 mins)                         08.00 SS7     Punta Pianedda                  18.53km 09.39 SS8     Monte Lerno             29.31km 10.31 SS9     Su Filigosu                     19.46km 11.16 Serv D  Olbia (30 mins)                         13.02 SS10    Punta Pianedda                  18.53km 14.56 SS11    Monte Lerno             29.31km 15.48 SS12    Su Filigosu                     19.46km 16.33 Serv E  Olbia (45 mins)                         17.59 Finish  Olbia                   18.44

Total                           134.60km

Sunday 18 May: Day 3 Olbia - Porto Cervo

Serv F  Olbia (15 mins)                         07.00 SS13    Monte Olia              19.28km 08.10 SS14    Sorilis                 18.66km 08.50 Serv G  Olbia (30 mins)                         10.11 SS15    Monte Olia              19.28km 11.36 SS16    Sorilis                 18.66km 12.16 Serv H  Olbia (10 mins)                         13.17 SS17    Liscia Ruja              2.69km 14.10 Finish  Marina Vecchia, Porto Cervo                     14.30

Total                           78.57km Rally total                         344.73km