Ferrari World Record meeting in Japan

With 500 Ferraris at the Fuji circuit the Prancing Horse beats the World Record of the highest number of Ferraris on a race track at the same moment.

Fuji, 11th May 2008 - Before the very eyes of the Guinness Book of World Records' jury 500 Ferraris were at the Fuji circuit at the same moment, thus beating the record of 385 Ferraris at the track of Silverstone last year.

500 Japanese Ferrari owners met to beat the record: going on the track before the very eyes of the judges they registered a new record, which will now be listed in the "Guinness Challenge".

Ferrari had a busy weekend at Fuji with an intensive program of the first driver's courses in Japan, the FXX program and five F1 Clients. As of the upcoming 1st July the Japanese market will be directly managed by Ferrari through Ferrari Japan KK.