KIMIs Turkey review

Bogey from Turkey

We went to Istanbul leading the championship by 9 points. We came back homeleading the championship by 7 points. You can count it any way you like, butfor me it's more or less like the same it was.

I like to play golf. After Turkey I've got the same feeling like having a bogey,when playing golf.

Obviously I had a very difficult weekend. The one that starts with problems,goes on with problems, but - thank Heaven - did not finish too badly.

For sure we would just want to fight for wins. But this is racing. Sometimes itjust goes wrong since the very beginning of the weekend. While you are not ableto get everything right, you just try to focus on saving all you can.

To limit the damage - like we did in Turkey this time.

We finished third. Obviously, after having a look at all that happened - notthe least in the first corner after the start - I cannot be terriblydisappointed after walking away from there with six points.

Actually I made it home to Switzerland in the evening and I managed to seeFinland beating USA in the icehockey world championship tournament in Canada.After that also my own result felt even better.

The Turkish weekend began badly on Friday morning. We were on our first flyinglap while something went wrong with the gear shifting. After that we had towait until the afternoon to carry on the work.

The weather was good in the morning, but there was some rain in the afternoonso we were not able to get a proper picture of our car and the tyres. TheSaturday morning was not that much better and we had to go to the qualifyingwithout the best possible set-up.

Obviously, at the end of the day, the car was pretty good with a heavier fuel,but I made a slight mistake in my lap and that cost too much. We got the forthplace in the grid that that really hurt us.

My start was not good, either. I was side by side with Heikki. It was tight,but I thought I could go pass him. He turned quite early in and then there wasno room at all. I slowed down as much as I could, but my front wing touchedlightly his rear tyre. I lost a part of the front wing. There were peoplepassing us from the right and then we were sixth after the first corner.

The car was not working as I would wanted it to work, but there was no time tochange the wing. It would have cost more time compared to the time we lostusing it to the finish.

Afterwards it would be always easy to say what we could have done differently.I never do that. This case is closed.

So far Barcelona has been the only weekend we have had no problems at all.Hopefully Monaco will be the next good race for us and we can do what we wantto. I have a good feeling, we'll have a strong car there.

Now we'll test a couple of days in France. The whole team is very, verymotivated, preparing to go to the circuits, where we were not that competitivelast year.

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