Masters racers enjoy Monaco success

Competitors from the Masters Series enjoyed a highly successful weekend at Monaco during the biennial Grand Prix Historique (10/11 May). With five race winners from the seven race groups, and stronger than expected results for other competitors, the event proved to be extremely good for Masters racers.

The team at Masters and all fellow members of Masters Racing Club send congratulations to those Masters regulars who were Monaco winners:

Julian Bronson took another victory in the Mac Hulbert's ERA R4D in the pre-1947 GP car race.

Simon Hadfield was a race winner in his 1961 Lotus 21 in the pre-1966 GP race.

Duncan Dayton won in both his Lotus 16 and his Brabham BT33 in the pre-1960 and pre-1975 GP car races respectively.

Professor John Monson scored his first Monaco win in his BMC Mk1 in the Formula Junior race.

"Five winners out of seven races seems a pretty good indication of the level of race talent which regularly competes in Masters events; many congratulations to them all," said Christopher Tate of the Masters Racing Series.

In addition, congratulations go to those who simply safely negotiated the challenging course through the streets of the Principality – after all, there is no run off, as several discovered to their cost over the weekend and a special word of comfort goes to Lee Brahin, a Masters GPM regular visitor from the USA. We all wish Lee a safe and rapid recovery after his very original Hesketh 308 had a nasty flip in Casino Square.

However, there were also some great drives around the crashes and behind the winners from three key people in Masters matters.

James Hanson raced his unique 1.5-litre Scirocco BRM into a fine second in the pre-66 GP race. This was a best ever result for this rare car, which James' Speedmaster business has for sale.

Simon Diffey, whose Merry printers company handles Masters endless paper production, drove a blinder in the event closing pre-1953 sports car race, and was awarded a standing ovation by the grandstands for his fighting fifth place in the little Cooper MG.

And finally, just behind Duncan Dayton, Joaquin Folch and Manfredo Rossi in the pre-1975 3 litre F1 race was an impressive fourth place overall from our new hero and Masters President, Ron Maydon. This was the best-ever result for both Ron and the Amon AF101. Apparently, an astonished Chris Amon (featured in a long article in this month's Motor Sport magazine) is still gasping in admiration, back home in New Zealand!