Why you can be the next Lewis Hamilton

Hardly any career path is as difficult to follow through as the one of a racing driver. Millions dream of it, yet only few are successful. There is one easy step to pursue your passion by taking part in a national competition that is determined to find Britain’s next Lewis Hamilton, and this could be you!Ambitious wannabe racers generally start of with karting, then with the right funding will continue their motorsport career. But even if you progress it gets more and more difficult to move-up the motorsport hierarchy; there are many highly-lucrative candidates fighting for the same race seat. A career as a professional racing driver is tempting not only for reasons such as wealth and fame. You can choose your lifestyle; drive supercars and live in a luxury house. If this sounds like your cup of tea then click vxrdriver.co.uk for your chance to change your life by becoming the VXR Racing Driver of the Year. It’s a long rocky road to become a racing driver – under normal circumstances. The competition is open to all drivers over the age of 21 who have never held a race licence.From all entries 1,620 successful applicants will be put through their paces in the karting semi-finals before 15 finalists are selected for the intensive three-day final, which will decide the 2008 VXR Racing Driver of the Year.