Eligibility Appeal - Matt Parry

National Court: 6 May 2008  Super One Mini Max Kart Championship

The Motor Sports Council's National Court met on 6th May to consider the appeal by Simon Parry on behalf of Matt Parry, a minor, against the exclusion of the Appellant's kart from the round of the Super One Mini Max Kart Championship held at Clay Pigeon on 14-16 March 2008.

Matt Parry's kart had been subjected to post-race scrutineering and upon inspection of the engine used in the final race it was ascertained that the relationship between the crankshaft and the balance-shaft were not "as supplied by Rotax." The Chief Scrutineer and the Technical Commissioner filed a Non-Compliance Report and the matter was referred to the Clerk of the Course who excluded Matt Parry and ordered that he count the event as a championship round. 

The Appellant gave Notice of his Intention to Appeal on the grounds that the facts ascertained by the Scrutineers did not justify a finding that the engine was "not as supplied by Rotax".

Having given due consideration to the facts, including further examination of the engine and with reference to all relevant documentation, the National Court determined that the position in which the balance-shaft had been installed in the Appellant's engine did differ from that indicated in the Repair Manual, such that it was not "as supplied by Rotax."

On this basis the Appeal failed. The Appeal fee was forfeit and the Appellant was ordered to pay the sum of £250 toward the costs of the Appeal. 

The engine was returned to the Technical Commissioner, Mr. Paul Klaassen, and is not to be used again in this Championship until such time as Mr. Klaassen is satisfied that the engine complies with the Championship Regulations.

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