Honda’s earthdreams fund awards

 grant to MSC

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) [1] has been awarded £50,000 (approx $100,000) by the earthdreams fund established by the Honda Racing F1 Team. Donations from the public at the website totalled over £98,000. The beneficiaries were chosen by an independent advisory board of environmental experts who split the money equally between the Marine Stewardship Council and Forest Stewardship Council.

Simon Edwards, Global Marketing and Communications Director at MSC, says: “We’re delighted to be associated with this innovative social marketing campaign and proud to be associated with the activities of earthdreams around the world. This is a unique opportunity for the MSC to gain visibility in the high-profile arena of Formula One and we will be developing a number of innovative projects to bring the partnership to life over the course of the season.”

earthdreams’ mission is to harness the power of dreams by supporting and empowering inspirational environmental projects that have a positive impact on the world around them. Part of the grant will be used for communication activities in Japan to disseminate the MSC concept to the fishing industry, retailers, and the consumer in order to stimulate market demand for MSC labeled products. Another part will be used in developing traceability tools and systems, researching options for electronic tracking of the supply chain and piloting various compliance techniques such as DNA testing and ‘traceback’ checks up the supply chain from consumer to point of origin.

Dominic Warne, earthdreams Marketing Manager for the Honda Racing F1 Team, says “earthdreams  is committed to helping the world around it by investing in projects that assist with mobility, technology, learning and sustainability. The MSC is leading the way in sustainable fishing; this makes it a perfect partner for us.  By building relationships such as this earthdreams hopes to deliver a positive environmental impact through everything that we do.”

Kozo Ishii, Japan Programme Director for MSC, says:  “This is great news for the MSC Japan.  Honda is an iconic Japanese company and receiving this grant from the fund established by its Formula One team is a great honour for us.  I strongly believe that earthdreams’ support will lead to an improvement in awareness of sustainable fisheries and seafood with Japanese people. ”