Vervisch "Finally!"

German ATS Formula 3 Cup

Frédéric  Vervisch  scored   his  first  victory  of  the  season  on  the Nürburgring  this  weekend.  “Finally”,  the  21-year-old   Belgian  yelled   after getting out of his Dallara F307 OPC Challenge  with  which he  won race 1. With  the  third   time  in  the  first  qualifying  practice,  Frédéric  had   everything  in his hands to score a fine result. After a good  start in race 1, Frédéric put race leader  Matteo  Chinosi  under  pressure. 

“At  the  end   of  the  second   lap,  I  had   a good   exit  out  of  the  chicane  and   I  was  able  to  get  into  the  slipstream  of Chinosi.  While  going  into  the  Mercedes  Arena,  I  passed   him  on  the  outside. Chinosi kept the pressure on after I first built up a small advantage. I held  off his attacks and went straight to my first  win of the season”, Frédéric said  after the champagne shower. Good   starts  are  Frédérics  trademark.  In  race  2  he  started   from seventh  place  on  the  grid,  Frédéric  and   overtook  five  of his  opponents  before  the  first  corner. 

A  blocking  rear wheel cost him second  place   “During  the  first  race we notice  how the rear wheel blocked  under braking. But this time I got a lot of understeer  and   one  of  my  rivals  took  a vantage  of  my  problem  to  overtake me.” With a victory and  a third   place on the rostrum, Frédéric climbs  up to second place in the championship.

“We have a lot of work to do before the next races. We gained some speed, but that is still not enough to be in front all the time. I want to thank everyone at Swiss Racing Team for their commitment. Our rivals may prepare for a fierce battle on the Hockenheimring.” Vervisch:  “I  would  like  to  dedicate  my  victory  to  Jean-Pierre  Hardy, who  passed  away  earlier  this week.  He was  a  very  sympathetic  man who, amongst other things, was one of the people behind the Racing Show in Liège.  His early  death came as a complete shock to us all…”

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