Plans approved for new Silverstone ..

Pit and Paddock complex

Local Authorities Approve Planning Application for New Pit and Paddock Facility at Silverstone

Members  of  Aylesbury  Vale  District  Council’s  (AVDC)  Strategic  Development Control  Committee  have  approved  the  planning  application  for  the  new  Pit  and Paddock facilities at Silverstone.

The facility is a key part of the BRDC’s overall vision for Silverstone and the vital first stage in reconfirming its position at the pinnacle of the motorsport industry and as the home of motor racing. Under current proposals the Pit and Paddock complex would  be  moved  from  its  current  location  between  Woodcote  and  Copse  to  a  new location between Club and Abbey. Included in the complex are new garages, a race control  building,  media  centre,  hospitality  and  VIP  spectator  zones  and  a  primary paddock. 

The  proposals  also  involve  creating  a  new  pit  straight,  with  reorganised entry and exit points, a reconfiguration of Club Corner and a new Abbey section. The Pit and Paddock complex is the first proposal in a 10-year programme that will see a new manufacturer test centre, business park, extreme sport and leisure complex, two  hotels,  a  new  university  campus  and  a  ‘Welcome  Centre’. 

Taken  together,  the redevelopment  will  deliver  a  world-class  venue  for  motorsport,  education  and  high technology  development  that  will  ensure  the  UK  remains  at  the  forefront  of  the motorsport  industry  and  maintains  its  position  as  a  major  regional  and  national employer. Richard Phillips, Managing Director at Silverstone Circuits, said: “We are absolutely delighted that AVDC’s planning committee have unanimously supported and voted in favour of this proposed milestone development. This is a turning point for Silverstone and a bold commitment towards the BRDC’s support for motorsport in the UK and for retaining the British Grand Prix. The current programme provides for work to start on site later this year.”

Councillor  Michael  Edmonds,  Deputy  Leader  of  AVDC  and  Cabinet  Member  for Economic Development, said: “This is an exciting project that will help Silverstone retain  the  British  Grand  Prix  and  strengthen  its  international  role  as  a  world-class motorsport facility. We are very proud to have Silverstone in our district and want to do all we can to promote both the circuit and the wider attractions of Aylesbury Vale as a great place to visit and do business in. Our aim is to help ensure Aylesbury Vale remains the home of Formula One in Great Britain.”