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MSA British Cadet Kart Championship

The Motor Sports Association is extremely concerned by the problems experienced by some competitors in the MSA British Cadet Kart Championship in the first two meetings of the year. The problems appear to centre around the use of the Tryton carburettor that was introduced for the 2008 season.

The MSA has written to Zip Kart Limited, as exclusive supplier of the equipment, expressing an urgent requirement for Zip to undertake extensive testing to identify the issues and possible solutions to the problem.

The MSA has also written to the championship organisers reaffirming the mechanism that already exists to change a Championship's Sporting and/or Technical Regulations during the season. Under regulation A29(c) of the MSA Blue Book, changes may be made to Championship Regulations if agreed by each and every registered competitor and by the MSA.

The MSA's technical experts have already dedicated a huge amount of time in recent weeks to working with Zip Kart, the championship organisers and other parties to try to resolve the current problems. However, the persistent problems experienced by some competitors are having an adverse effect on the status of the British Championship and the MSA has made it clear to the equipment suppliers and the championship organisers that the cause of the problem must be properly identified and urgently resolved.

The MSA wishes to see resolution before the next round of the Championship at Whilton Mill on June 7&8.