Moseley has first laps in Zytec

Stuart Moseley, (30, St Ives, Cambs, UK) had is first laps in the car in which he will attack the epic Le Mans 24 Hour race in two weeks time at the French track yesterday. Conditions were variable as bands of rain passed leaving parts wet and parts dry– meaning that teams and drivers had to balance the risk of damaging the car with learning the circuit and setting up the car in preparation for the qualifying sessions just 10 days away.

His first stint on a wet and drying track had given him a chance to learn the car and familiarise with the track but a fuel leak had the unfortunate consequence of leaking into the car where Stuart was sitting and giving him slight burns to his bottom. 

Stuart’s second stint gave him just four timed laps but in that time he set today’s fastest time for the car of 3:43.920 putting the team third in class and 16th overall. Stuart Moseley

 “The car is fantastic. I’m really pleased with how the day has gone and my time in the car. The only things I’d change would be the weather which was dreadful and the burnt bum! I went out straight after the lunch break and did four timed laps before a red flag came out. It was good. I was third fastest LMP2 behind the two Porsches. After the red flag I did five laps in the wet and was even happier until the car started aquaplaning on the back straight. You can’t do anything about that whatever you do with set-up. I was very happy with the car. It’s comfortable and very driveable and has fantastic mechanical grip. Very user friendly and I can’t wait to get out again. There’s something very magical about Le Mans and has to be a career highlight. I’m just very lucky that I’m here for a third time.”

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