Porsche from the drivers seat


Tony Dron

Publication: Out Now, RRP: £19.99, Format: Hardback, ISBN: 978 1 85960 882 1

Porsche from the driver's seat

"There are dozens of excellent books on Porsche," says Tony Dron, "but none seems to cover in any depth the basic question of what they are really like to drive. My objective was to produce a readable story from the driver's angle. My hope is that it will prove an entertaining and original addition to any Porsche enthusiast's library."

This fabulous new title tells the story of how all Porsche road cars, from 1948 to the present day, feel at speed. Author Tony Dron, a race driver and motoring journalist for 40 years, wrote his first Porsche road test, on the 911S 2.4 for Motor magazine, in 1972. Since then he has driven well over 1,000 Porsche cars, often to the limit, and he distils all of that driving experience in this captivating book.

Haynes Classic Makes Series: Porsche is the full, illustrated model-by-model story of Porsche road cars, told from the driver's seat.  Every road car is covered, including the classic 356 and 550, the seminal 911, the 914, 916, 924, 928, 944, 959, 968, the Boxster and the Cayman.

Tony Dron has won a huge number of races and several championships in eight different models of Porsche, including a variety of 911s, the 928S and the fearsome 934. Highlights of his career in production Porsches include winning the Porsche 924 Championship in 1978 and outright victory in the 1983 Willhire 24Hrs with the AFN 928S. His successes in racing Porsches include 12th overall in the Le Mans 24Hrs in a works 924 Carrera GT Prototype in 1980 and a class win and 13th overall, also at Le Mans, in a private 934 in 1982.

As a freelance journalist, he writes for The Daily Telegraph Motoring, Octane and Vintage Motorsport. His enthusiasm for Porsche cars is as strong as ever:"Driving the latest models remains an experience to savour. For 60 years, Porsche engineers have known what real drivers want: a supreme road-driving experience coupled with equally supreme reliability." Tony lives in Cambridgeshire.