Red Bull - A bit disappointing

Car 10 MARK WEBBER, Position 10thI was going okay, but the track was breaking up and there were marbles on the racing line.Unfortunately, on the way back to the pits at the end of the second session, I was slightly offline,  got  onto  the  marbles  and  couldn't  bring  it  back.  I'm  not  sure  how  they're  going  tomanage with the track tomorrow, but everyone's in the same boat. I think we'll need to usemotocross bikes, as it's not realistic in a Formula One car, you'll need to drive on the grass oron the inside of the hairpin."

Car 9 DAVID COULTHARD, Position 13th"The track is breaking up, as it did two years ago, and it was incredibly difficult to drive atTurn 7 and at the hairpin. The track was swept between the first and second session, but itwas breaking up so quickly that it was like trying to drive on train tracks. When you've got thatamount of horsepower on a car that's slipping and sliding, it's incredibly difficult. I think wehad the pace to run inside the top ten today, but I had traffic on the last runs of both sessions.On the first I was behind Bourdais, and on the second behind Piquet. It's unfortunate to havea continued series of problems, but we're thirteenth tomorrow, and hopefully we can have astrong race from there."

CHRISTIAN HORNER, Team Principal: "After a really promising Q1 and first run in Q2,it's frustrating for Mark to get caught out by the difficult track conditions today. Unfortunately,unlike  others  that  got  away  with  an  off-track  excursion,  he  damaged  the  front  of  the  carsufficiently enough not to take part in Q3. After not being happy with balance of his car thismorning, David made good progress in the first session, but unfortunately wasn't quite quickenough to make it into Q3 today. We feel with 10th and 13th that we've underperformed."

FABRICE   LOM,   Renault,   Principal   Engineer,   Track   Support:   "It's    a    bitdisappointing. We  were very  quick  with Mark, but were not able to continue due to Mark'saccident  at  the  end  of  the  second  session.  We  were  eligible  for  Q3,  but  not  able  toparticipate, so we finished 10th and 13th. Apart from that, the car and engine behaved welland it will be an interesting race tomorrow. Last year there were a lot of accidents, a lot ofthings can happen."

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