MSA British Cadet Kart Championship

On Tuesday 9th June 2008 the MSA invited appropriate organisations to attend a meeting at Motor Sports House to review the situation in respect of Comer Cadet Karting and the recently introduced Tryton carburettor.

The meeting was chaired by the MSA General Secretary, Rob Jones and attended by the following persons; John Ryan (MSA Technical Executive), Cheryl Lynch (MSA Race, Speed & Kart Executive), Carolyn Hoy (BRDC Stars of Tomorrow), Peter Jones (BRDC Stars of Tomorrow), George Robinson (BKIA), Paul Gladstone (BKIA), Graham Smith (ABkC), Russell Anderson (ABkC), Martin Hines (Zip Kart), Grant Munro (Zip Kart) and Rod Taylor (Super One Series). Also present were John Symes (Technical and Risk Control Manager) taking minutes for the meeting and for the initial part of the meeting Alan Gow (MSA Chairman) and Colin Hilton (MSA Chief Executive).

At the conclusion of four hours of discussion the following statement was agreed:-

In order to attempt to eliminate all possible reasons for the reliability problems experienced with the Tryton carburettor in Comer Cadet Racing, Atol has kindly agreed to provide control fuel for this weekend's Super One meeting from a new and different source. The MSA will arrange for a Technical representative to be present throughout this and other selected meetings who will collate evidence from any team/driver suffering carburettor reliability problems. Anyone suffering such a problem must please present that carburettor to the technical representative as soon as possible.

Zip Kart has put in hand the manufacture of revised jet adjustment screws and a revised thermal block.

All those concerned with Comer Cadet Kart racing will continue to monitor and review the matter.