Frustrating Evening for Team Modena

Team Modena’s luck did not improve in the second session of the first day of qualifying for this Saturday’s Le Mans 24-Hour race – their Aston Martin retiring with an engine problem during the session. Terry Borcheller was forced to pull off the circuit as the cockpit filled with smoke, the team now investigating the cause and determined to put their campaign back on track in tomorrow’s four hours of qualifying.

The evening’s events already have echoes of Le Mans 2006 for the team, where a troubled qualifying saw them fight back to take ninth overall in a stunning race performance.

“There was a lot of smoke,” said Terry, “and I am just glad we didn’t wreck the car as the oil came out and hit the rear tyres in the Porsche Curves – a tricky part of the course. I am happy we kept the car out of the Armco, I shut down the motor and I hope there is no damage. I couldn’t see anything with the smoke in the car – but maybe we are just getting all these things out the way, I’ll take it happening now rather then the race.”

“It has been a frustrating evenings” said Sporting Director Rik Bryan. “We had a number of small niggles in the first two hours that added up to meaning we didn’t get as much running as we wanted. Then we started from square one for the second two hours to do what we should have done in the first session, and for some reason the engine rapidly lost its oil and the cockpit filled with smoke – we may have hit some debris and damaged the oil pump feed.

“We haven’t made things easy, but we have another two sessions tomorrow, and we have looked at our sector times and we know we are pretty much on the pace. It is just unfortunate in the running we have done we have yet to string together that perfect lap.”

Qualifying resumes today [Thursday] evening with the first session at 19.00 local time, with the final session from 22.00 to midnight.

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