Against the odds - Audi score win no.8

Audi and Tom score victory number 8. Who would have thought after qualifying?! Tom Kristensen, Dindo Capello and Allan McNish scored a terrific victory to beat the faster Peugeots. Peugeots PR team have a tough job in the days ahead..

The dutch racing Porsche won LMP2 - with Verstappen enjoying a successful debut win.

The 009 Aston beat the Corvettes to record the GT1 win - Garcia, Turner and Brabham the winnign drivers.

The 82 Risi Competition Ferrari headed a Ferrari whitewash in GT2.

Racecar client Team Modena made it to the finish after a troublesome race which involved a lengthy stop for gearbox repairs - scoring a 3rd consecutive finish in this ultimate test of endurance.

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