Superleague Formula tickets on sale

Foootball and race fans can now purchase tickets for the opening round of the inaugural Superleague Formula championship at Britain's Donington Park circuit.

Tickets went on sale yesterday for the inaugural event which will be staged on August 30/31.

The Superleague Formula championship will feature the colours of the world's leading football clubs adorned on 300km/h, 750 horsepower, V12-powered single seaters.

Tickets for the two-day event range from as low as £20 (24 euro) for a weekend pass. A weekend advance purchase ticket for a family (2 adults and 2 children) is only £70 (88 euro).

Football and motorsport fans can purchase tickets online at or

"After many years of planning and development and a very intensive past 12 months, we are delighted to open ticket sales for our first event," Superleague Formula President and CEO, Alex Andreu said.

"We have had daily calls and emails enquiring about ticket sales from right across Europe. We have a lot of new fans to motorsport that are really looking forward to seeing their club colours in action at more than 300km/h."

Advance Booking Euro Pounds Gold Category (Grandstand seat) 42 34 General Admission 24 20 Paddock Passes 15 12 Family Pack 88 70 Normal Sale - Sunday Gold Category (Grandstand seat) 42 34 General Admission 24 20 Paddock 15 12 Normal Sale - Weekend Gold Category (Grandstand seat) 52 42 General Admission 30 24 Paddock Passes 15 12 Family Pack 110

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