Close qualifying at Toro Rosso

Sebastian Vettel - 13th but promoted to 12th“That was very close and I think we can be happy to have both cars in Q2. I came very near to making Q3 and although I can’t say I’m angry, when you get so close it is disappointing not to have done it. My laps were not perfect but they were pretty good. We struggled mainly in the second sector and were unable to improve on that. Overall, we can be happy with the way the car has run with its new package for the first time and I was quite surprised with its pace since the start of the weekend.”

Sebastien Bourdais - 14th“It was very tight today with around half a dozen of us within a tenth and it’s at times like these that the smallest thing can make the difference.  I was thinking 12th place was doable but the track changed quite a bit as the temperature went up, which accentuated the oversteer we already had in the slow corners. I still have to get the car to my liking as, at the moment it does the two things I don’t like: oversteer in the slow turns and understeer in the fast ones! As for tomorrow, if the conditions are stable, then not a lot happens at this race, as it is difficult to overtake and very difficult to stay in touch with the car in front through Estoril. The main thing will be to get to the finish.”

Giorgio Ascanelli“A solid performance and the first time we got both our cars into Q2. We did it on merit without having to rely on mistakes from others. It is the result of the hard work of all of the team, here and at the factory and we must also thank Ferrari for their contribution. I think we can look forward to having a strong race tomorrow.”

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