Another 3 points for Red Bull


Car 10, MARK WEBBER, (Finish Position 6th, Start Position: 6th)

"My start wasn't great, but my first stint wasn't too bad in terms of pace. I was tryingto keep up with Fernando (Alonso) as I knew he was short and I put in some lapsthat  were  right  on  the  edge  before  the  first  stop.  On  my  out  lap  I  knew  I  was  stillunder pressure from others who were going a bit longer and jumped the kerbs a bithard  when  I  was  on  fresh  tyres  with  heavy  fuel.  I  had  a  big  moment,  although  Imanaged to save it. I then settled in behind Fernando again, but his strategy didn'twork out as well, which was good for us. It's good for the team to get some morepoints today. It was a tough week in the build up to this race, in terms of effort fromthe factory and the boys at the track, and three points is not to be sniffed at. Toyotahad a strong race today, but we'll have more in the future."

Car 9, DAVID COULTHARD, (Finish Position 9th, Start Position: 7th)

"I'm disappointed that from a good grid position I lost three places at the start, two offthe  line  and  one  when  Kovalainen  passed  me  round  the  outside  into  Turn  five.  Ifound  the  balance  on  the  prime  tyres  wasn't  as  good  as  expected  in  the  coolerconditions and the option was performing better than we thought. That was differentfrom what we found the other day in practice, but some races go for you and somedon't."

CHRISTIAN HORNER: "Unfortunately both drivers got poor starts, which gave awayquite a lot on the first lap, but thereafter Mark's strategy worked well. He had goodpace  throughout  the  race  to  finish  a  solid  sixth.  He  had  one  moment  in  front  ofFernando  which  cost  him  a  bit  of  time,  but  a  good  solid  points  finish.  David  hadsimilar  pace  and  it was  a  very good last  stint  for  him.  Unfortunately,  he finished afrustrating  ninth,  but  we  retain  fourth  in  the  Constructors'  and  look  forward  to  theBritish Grand Prix."

FABRICE  LOM,  Renault  Principal  Engineer,  Track  Support:  "We  have  to  behappy with a result like this as we got points, but unfortunately one of our guys wasout of the points and Toyota scored a lot, although congratulations to Jarno (Trulli),who had a fantastic race. So, a mixed result. We're still in front of Toyota, but they'reclosing  the  gap.  We're  happy  that  the  engines  finished  the  race;  we'd  been  a  bitworried, but they did it. Let's hope we find some more pace at the Silverstone testthis week to stay in front of Toyota."