Red Bull Silverstone Test

Day One       24 June 2008

Driver:       Mark WebberCar:          RB4 - 01Time:         1:21.565, Laps: 94 

Fastest Lap: F. Massa   1:20.188

Circuit length: 5.141 km

As usual at the summer Silverstone test, there were more guests, fans andspectators in the F1 paddock that can be seen filling entire circuits at some ofthe less popular grands prix on the calendar. None of this affected the work ofthe Red Bull Racing test team, as they got on with the job of preparing for theBritish Grand Prix which takes place at this track on 6th July.

Mark   Webber   was   in   the   cockpit   today,   working   on   various   aero   andmechanical development programmes. There were no problems and the teamcompleted more than the planned mileage, which could be a good thing asthere  is  talk  of  rain  for  tomorrow.  Mark  is  due  to  continue  driving  onWednesday when the emphasis changes to British GP preparation, looking atcar set-up and evaluation of the Bridgestone tyres on offer.