2009 French Grand Prix confirmed

The FFSA General Assembly, which met yesterday in the headquarters of the French Motor  Sports  Federation,  gave  its  unanimous  approval  in  favour  of  the  entry  of the 2009 French Grand Prix on the Formula One World Championship calendar as requested  yesterday  by  its  President,  Nicolas  Deschaux,  during  the  FIA  World Council.  

After  studying  the  results  of  the  2008  French  Grand  Prix,  in  particular  the  excellent attendance  figures  (78 000  spectators  on  Sunday  compared  to  72 000  last  year)  the FFSA confirmed the entry of the race on next year’s calendar. In collaboration with the public  authorities  of  the  Nièvre  and  Burgundy  regions,  the  French  Grand  Prix  will  be held on the Magny-Cours circuit on 28th June 2009.  

In  addition,  the  FFSA  expressed  its  wish  to  see  the  sites  interested  in  hosting  the French   Grand   Prix   from   2010   onwards   presented   at   its   next   Steering   Committee meeting in October. With this aim in mind the FFSA will send out by mid-July the list of key  measures  to  potential  candidates  including  Magny-Cours  2,  which  will  enable  it  to select the most serious options.