British Cadet Kart Championship

Brett Wykes awarded himself a superb 13th birthday present with a last gasp win at Llandow in the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow series. 

Wykes had qualified on pole position after a first, second and third in the heats and took the hole shot to lead off the start, only to succumb to Sam Vanderpump.   He swiftly re-took the lead but then had to mount a fierce defence against Macaulay Austin.  Wykes would pull out a two length cushion round the twisty bits, then Austin would just slipstream back onto his bumper down the long straight. 

Josh White, starting from grid ten after losing a heat win by coming in a lap too soon, worked his way through to third and onto the back of the lead duo, dropping Charlie Robertson.  Haz Truelove had won the controversial heat by continuing to the flag when the first dozen drivers including Roy Johnson followed White's lead into the pits, boosting Truelove's grid position to third.  But Truelove drifted back to seventh, whilst Johnson moved rapidly in the opposite direction, up to sixth.

Austin snatched the lead, then was forced to defend into the last corner, Wykes and White taking a wide line for a successful switchback to just come over the line ahead of Austin.  Then Charlie Robertson, fourth on the road, protested an earlier move by Austin, which was upheld with Austin receiving a five place penalty. 

"Macaulay was defending and I went outside and got a better exit to the corner, I did that same move last year as well," explained Wykes.

Results (Provisional)

1 Brett Wykes (Zip) 14 laps in 11m52.14s (46.07mph)

2 Josh White (Zip) +0.06s

3 Charlie Robertson (Zip)

4 Ben Barnicoat (Zip)

5 Roy Johnson (Zip)

6 Samuel Vanderpump (Zip)

7 Hazz Truelove (Zip)

8 Macaulay Austin (Zip)

9 Max Vaughan (Zip)

10 Charlie Savage (Zip).