Mark Webber signs a new contract


Red Bull Racing is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement with MarkWebber for him to continue driving for the team in 2009.

MARK WEBBER: "I'm very happy to have signed up for another year with Red BullRacing so early in the season. As far back as the middle of last year, it was very clearto me that I enjoyed working with the team, playing my part in its development andhelping it move forward. So far this year, our reliability has improved and that's allowedus to exploit our performance. The progress the team has made in the last ten monthshas been excellent and I am looking forward to carrying that momentum through to theend of the season. Continuing with Red Bull Racing for 2009 was a very easy decisionfor me to make, as I enjoy being part of this team and that has shown through in mydriving. It's very difficult to predict how any team will perform in twelve months time,but we have some clever people here, with a stable team and I believe 2009 will seeus in even better shape for next year, when the technical regulations go through amajor change."

CHRISTIAN HORNER: "Earlier in the season both parties expressed a desire tocontinue working together and so it was a very quick and short discussion that led toan extension of our agreement. Mark has driven fantastically well this year. He hasreally demonstrated that he is a world class driver and this year the team has beenable to give him the tools to endorse that fact. While all our efforts are currentlyconcentrated on maintaining our fourth place in the Constructors' Championship, thenext challenge facing us is to make the big step and challenge the top three teams andwe believe Mark is absolutely the right guy to have in the car to help us achieve that."

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