Eurocup Mégane Trophy

Maxime Martin comes out on top

Hungaroring Race 1

Maxime Martin (Boutsen Energy Racing) avoided all the pitfalls to take victory in a third consecutive race. This brings him to within a point of Michaël Rossi (TDS) in the overall standings of the Eurocup Megane Trophy. In last place at the end of the first lap, Rossi climbed to second position, the podium being completed by Sébastien Dhouailly (Team Lompech Sport).

Starting in pole position, Michaël Rossi (TDS) looked like holding onto his advantage but Maxime Martin (Boutsen Energy Racing) outbraked him. On the first corner, Rossi was passed by Ralph Meichtry (Race Peformance) and span out. He rejoined the action in last position. With an equally average start, Dimitri Enjalbert offered no resistance to Maxime Martin. The Belgian led the first lap ahead of Jean-Philippe Madonia (TDS) and Dimitri Enjalbert.

Leading the gentlemen-drivers category, Madonia was soon passed by the chasing pack. Dimitri Enjalbert, Bernhard Ten Brinke (Equipe Verschuur) and Sébastien Dhouailly passed him before the end of the fourth lap. Madonia had to fight to hold off Matthieu Cheruy and Jonathan Hirschi.

Nose to tail, Maxime Martin, Dimitri Enjalbert and Bernhard Ten Brinke lost no time in breaking away from the main field. Maxime Martin made his obligatory pit-stop very early, little more than ten minutes into the race. He handed over control to Enjalbert and Ten Brinke.

Further back in the pack, Rossi was beginning to make progress, holding ninth place after the first fifteen minutes of racing. At the front, things were starting to develop as Ten Brinke attacked Enjalbert. The two men touched and ended up in the gravel trap. They managed to rejoin the race, but handed over command to Sébastien Dhouailly. Things were starting to happen in the pits. All the leaders made their obligatory stops simultaneously.

Maxime Martin took back his lead after refueling, more than twenty seconds ahead of Michaël Rossi, who was making a superb comeback. Sébastien Dhouailly was third. The battle for fourth place was still undecided. Bernhard Ten Brinke first overtook Jean-Philippe Madonia, and then attacked David Dermont (Boutsen Energy Racing). The two drivers collided, but Ten Brinke managed to hold on to fourth place.

Maxime Martin continued his run from Silverstone and finished the race ahead of Michaël Rossi and Sebastien Dhouailly. Fourth in the overall standings, Jean-Philippe Madonia won the gentlemen-drivers category, followed by Harrie Kolen (Equipe Verschuur) and Bernard Delhez (Tech 1 Racing).

Maxime Martin: «I made a good start and I managed to get past Michaël under braking. After that, I don't really know what went on behind me. We had a good strategy and our pit-stop was perfect. All I had to do then was keep on going. This win is very important to the way the season goes."

Rossi: «I'm really disappointed. I had the car I needed to win, but someone ran into me at the start. I rejoined the race a long way back. At the end of the day, twelve points isn't so bad. But Maxime is catching me up so I need to bounce back tomorrow!»

Sébastien Dhouailly: «This is my second podium finish after Silverstone! I'm making up for my poor start to the season at Spa-Francorchamps. Starting in ninth position, I wasn't expecting a result like this.»

Pos Number Driver  Team  Laps Time GapFirst KPH 

1 8 Maxime MARTIN Boutsen Energy Racing 22 42:04.778 - 140.5   2 12 Michaël ROSSI TDS 22 42:16.165 +11.387 141.4   3 15 Sébastien DHOUAILLY Team Lompech Sport 22 42:23.796 +19.018 139.6   4 7 Bernhard TEN BRINKE Equipe Verschuur 1 22 42:32.972 +28.194 140.7   5 14 Jean - Philippe MADONIA TDS 22 42:34.030 +29.252 139.5   6 1 Dimitri ENJALBERT Tech 1 Racing 1 22 42:36.285 +31.507 140.8   7 24 Fabrice WALFISCH Oregon Team 1 22 42:45.172 +40.394 139.5   8 2 Matthieu CHERUY Tech 1 Racing 1 22 42:45.763 +40.985 139.8   9 11 Andreas MAYERL Race Performance 22 42:50.116 +45.338 138.9   10 9 David DERMONT Boutsen Energy Racing 22 42:56.763 +51.985 139.2   11 21 Hoevert VOS Equipe Verschuur 2 22 43:00.869 +56.091 138.4   12 4 Bernard DELHEZ Tech 1 Racing 2 22 43:08.949 +1:04.171 138.5   13 16 Jean - Charles MIGINIAC Team Lompech Sport 22 43:28.569 +1:23.791 137.6   14 6 Harrie KOLEN Equipe Verschuur 1 22 43:40.973 +1:36.195 137.7   15 17 Pierre HIRSCHI Team Lompech Sport 22 43:46.055 +1:41.277 136.7   16 73 Angelo BAIGUERA Oregon Team 1 21 42:35.415 1 Lap 136.0   17 18 Rafael UNZURRUNZAGA Blue Jumeirah Team 21 42:40.285 1 Lap 134.0   18 25 Secondo GALLIA Oregon Team 1 21 43:10.285 1 Lap 135.1     20 Wim BEELEN Equipe Verschuur 2 9 17:42.352   139.1     3 Jonathan HIRSCHI Tech 1 Racing 2 9 17:55.492   138.7     10 Ralph MEICHTRY Race Performance 2 4:32.407      

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