Bikes: Suzuki dominates Cataluna 24hr

Spain's Suzuki Catala Team #2 riders Javier Oliver, Kike Hernandez, Felipe Lopez Cordoba and Martin Port raced to victory in the "24 Horas de Cataluna" at the weekend - their fourth victory in the event since 2003.

The start of race was headed by Suzuki Catala Team #1 riders Kenny Noyes, Diego Lozano, David Bonache y Adrian Bonastre until a small crash put them down to third position. Team #2 also went off the track and dropped to 25th position before mounting a spectacular comeback.

Into the night, Catala Team #1 was placed in third position and Catala Team #2 fourth, but at midnight, the second-placed Ducati broke its gearbox. Four hours later, leaders Yamaha Folch broke their chain and dropped right back, allowing the Suzukis to take to the front after 10 hours of racing.

Both GSX-R1000-mounted Catala teams dominated the race until Team #1 rider Lozano suffered a brake problem and crashed out of the event, giving Catala Team #2 the lead and a 12-lap victory over second-placed Suzuki of Bruno Performance, managed by riders Victor Casas, Salvador Cabana, David Gomez and Joaquin Olmos.