Yates & sons plan Masters campaign

Racing veteran David Yates is planning to make his racing a family affair later this year and into 2009 by sharing a Ford Capri in Touring 70s and Stars of the 70s races with the Masters Racing Series.

Yates is a regular contender in Sports Racing Masters events in his Chevron B16, but has spotted an opportunity race with his sons Sam and Jack in a 3-litre Ford Capri in some two-driver touring car races at the same events.

For Yates senior, who lives just a mile from the Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire, this is a return to his racing roots as he was a leading contender in Ford Capris in the late 1970s and early 1980s, competing against drivers like Gerry Marshall and Tony Lanfranchi. Currently, the family is busy acquiring a suitable Capri, which should be racing later this season.

"My last full season in a Capri was in Production Saloons in 1983 with my wonderful 2.8," said Yates. "We can put the Capri in the truck when we go to Masters events and I can have some fun sharing it with our sons."

While Sam Yates has some Formula Ford 1600 racing experience under his belt, Jack is a racing novice, but David believes that both sons will quickly take to the Capri. Yates senior will, of course, continue to race the Chevron.