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Portraits of speedBy: Xavier ChimitsPhotography by: Bernard Cahier & Paul-Henri CahierRRP: £25.00, Hardback, 224 pagesISBN: 978-0-7603-3430-0Published by: MotorbooksPub date: Out Now!

Intimate portraits of the greats of Grand Prix racing from the greats of racing photography.

The heroes of Grand Prix racing- Fangio, Jim Clark, Phil Hill, Bruce McLaren, Jackie Stewart, Mario Andretti, Nigel Mansell and Michael Schumacher, to name but a few, are familiar to F1 fans. But would their faces and feats be so well known if not for the extraordinary efforts of the photographers who have captured their images in legendary fashion?

This book gives readers a look at Grand Prix racing's top drivers by way of its top photographers, the father and son team of Bernard Cahier and Paul-Henri Cahier. Bernard Cahier began shooting F1 in 1952. In the late 1960s, he was joined by his son. Their images, reproduced here in all their brilliance, capture some of the most memorable, even legendary, moments in the history of Grand Prix racing.

These incomparable photographs comprise intimate portraits of seventy-two of the sports' greatest drivers from the 1950s through to today. Beautifully printed in rich black and white, the pictures treat readers to an encounter with the legendary racers of the Grand Prix that is at once remarkably fresh and historically rich.

About the photographersTwo of F1's greatest photographers are father and son Bernard and Pual-Henri Cahier. Bernard began shooting F1 in 1952, joined by Paul-Henri in the late 1960s. Between them, they have created some of the most memorable Grand Prix photos ever.

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