Star actor visits Audi DTM team

Moritz Bleibtreu: “A completely different world”

Star actor visits Audi DTM team at Zandvoort Thrilling racing taxi ride in the rain In the Audi S4: Bleibtreu travels quickly as well

The DTM continually attracts actor Moritz Bleibtreu ("Knockin’ on Heavens Door", Run Lola run", "Munich"). This time, the 36-year-old film star visited Audi during the horsepower spectacle in the Dutch North Sea dunes at Zandvoort. The occasion afforded him an opportunity many can merely dream of: a ride in the racing taxi in demanding conditions in the rain.Why did you insist on going out on a wet track?"Because of the thrill. When you’re driving in rain yourself you lift, but these boys don’t. It’s simply exciting for me to get a first-hand experience of how a car responds in the right hands in wet conditions and to see what’s possible. When a normal driver downshifts at least one gear, these racing pros accelerate. That’s really cool."You’ve experienced several Audi racing taxi rides. What impressed you the most? The massive acceleration, the brutal braking or the extremely high centrifugal forces while cornering?"Clearly, the braking. That’s truly unique. Production cars with powerful engines accelerate impressively as well. But the braking forces of a DTM car, that’s a completely different world. You sit in the cockpit and think to yourself: actually, we should be flying out of this corner, but then – somehow – everything works out. Of course, drivers need to learn to use these enormous forces sensibly."Why are you continually attracted to the DTM instead of – like many of your colleagues – to Formula 1?"For me – as for any other fan – the DTM means that you’re simply closer to the action. I’m not able to shine with a really great wealth of technical knowledge, but I enjoy taking part in the activities. Another factor is that – unlike formula vehicles – the DTM racing cars still resemble a normal road-going passenger car. For example, it impresses me to see what potential the engineers and technical crews manage to squeeze out of the Audi A4, and what the drivers do with these cars."In your films you’re often seen sitting behind the wheel. Is that a coincidence or does Moritz Bleibtreu enjoy travelling by car in his private life as well?"Yes, you could say that. As an actor, I spend a lot of time travelling. If possible, I take my car: I just throw all my things into it and take off. That’s wonderfully uncomplicated."And what type of driver are you?"I’d describe myself as a circumspect driver, but I do appreciate fast cars like my Audi S4 and enjoy driving quickly – but only if I’ve got enough room to do so. Otherwise, it’s simply too dangerous. I welcome the fact that we’ve still got this opportunity in Germany."What projects are next on your agenda?"I just finished shooting ‘Lippels Traum’ (Lippel’s Dream) by author Paul Maar, the inventor of ‘Sams’. In October, we’ll start shooting ‘Soul Kitchen’, a film by my good friend Fatih Akin."

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