Caparo T1 smashes lap record

at Dubai Autodrome

Road-legal car takes race record in astonishing drive across sand-drenched club circuit

The lap record at the Dubai Autodrome’s 2.6km Club Circuit has been comfortably displaced by the Caparo T1 – The Luxury Hyper-car that can be driven to the circuit and home again on the road. Bassam Kronfli, 2007/8 Gulf Radical Cup Driver of the Year, blasted across the dust caked track, battling the remains of a sand storm to tear six seconds from the record with a fastest lap of just 56.4 seconds, reaching an amazing 276kph (171mph) along a main straight that is just one kilometre long.

The Dubai Autodrome, host to a wide range of international motorsport events, is one of the most modern and challenging of the major international circuits. Its Club Circuit is home to many of the major professional and semi-professional series, welcoming everything from GP2 and classic F1 cars to national club championships.

“The Caparo T1 is a remarkable vehicle, quite sensational and captivating to look at,” said Kronfli. “The interior is lined in sumptuous stitched leather, it’s comfortable to spend time in yet its performance is a truly life altering experience. Press the throttle open all the way and your body is viciously sucked into the seat. It’s like a time machine. Nothing else accelerates like the Caparo.”

With better conditions, Kronfli believes he could drive another five seconds off even this astonishing time. “We have shown that one can manufacture a truly unique hyper-car that combines style, exclusivity and performance and inspires the driver like no other,” commented Caparo chief executive officer Angad Paul. “The T1 employs the very latest in safety and materials technology and is a statement of design like no other.”

A limited number of the incredible Caparo T1 will be built, ensuring that it remains an exclusive and collectable phenomenon. With 570bhp propelling just 550kg, performance is outrageous: 0-100kph in 2.5 seconds and 100-0kph in just 1.9 seconds, pulled up by Caparo’s own braking system.

“The performance of the T1 is so close to a Formula 1 car that it would take a world-class race driver to tell them apart,” says Kronfli. “It’s something I will never forget.”

The Caparo T1 is designed and built by UK-based vehicle technology company Caparo Vehicle Products, using its extensive range of light-weight vehicle technologies. “It’s a highly focussed product that demonstrates Caparo’s ability to deliver exceptional engineering and design solutions,” concludes Paul.

Caparo T1

Engine:                                    mid mounted 3,496cc V8

Bore / Stroke                           93 x 64.3

Power                                      570bhp at 10,500rpm

Torque                                     310lb/ft at 9,000

Transmission                           six speed sequential with traction control

Weight                                     550kg

Power to Weight Ratio            1,075bhp / tonne

0 – 100kph                              2.5 seconds on road-legal tyres (less on competition tyres

100kph – 0                              1.9 seconds (3g)

Top Speed                              329rpm

Max cornering force               3.5g (measured)

Base vehicle price                  £250,000, extensive range of options with each car built to owners specifications.

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