Kimi In a good shape for Hockenheim

These races in Germany have never gone as I have been hoping for. Obviously theboth circuits - Hockenheim & Nurburgring - have not been very  kind to me inthe past. That said I like them both and I have always been very competitivethere.

I suppose my German highlights are my pole positions. You never gain any pointsfrom them, so we better change the course also there.

I have been leading many times the race in Germany, but always something hasgone wrong. Like last year in Nurburgring we got the pole, but we neverfinished the race.

Now we go to Hockenheim. It will be my first Grand Prix weekend there withFerrari. I remember last race in that circuit two years ago. It was 1-2 forFerrari and I was the third in the podium.

Last week we had a very productive test and tried various new parts. Judging bythe lap times it's going to be very close again, but I feel Ferrari will bevery competitive and we are fighting for the win.

I'll hope for the hot weather. Usually in Hockenheim it has been very hot andeverybody has had problems with the tyres.

Obviously, for us, the hot weather suits fine. Our car prefers the hottemperatures and in the long run it's not that hard on tyres, too. So my thumbsare up for the real summer weather in Hockenheim.

Overtaking is difficult in Hockenheim, but it's not all about the qualifyingthere. Certainly it makes life easier when starting from the front and a driverhas the clean air.

I have always said the championship would be very tight. I've been in aposition to win the last 3 Grands Prix, but for various reasons things did notgo my way. But that's racing and I'm sure the wins will soon come again.

I feel it will be tight for the rest of the season and every point could be thedifference to being champion as proved to be the case last year.

Now it's more even, while we three leaders are tied. Obviously, it's veryinteresting carry on the fight  and look who's who in the next race.

While testing  I had such a good feeling with the car. I believe both the carand the driver are top fit for this weekend. We really need to win this one.

Last week after the test I had the privilege to work for the EU Congress and bepart of introducing the young drivers' road safety program in Brussels. Weracing drivers should give an example for the youth and show how important itis to exercise caution in the traffic, obey the common rules and use always thesafety-belts.

Speeding is only allowed in the racing circuits.

I wish the message will go through. It's just so stupid to risk yourself andthe others for nothing.

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