Bikes: Medaglia retains MX lead..



Tyler Medaglia held onto his lead in the Canadian Motocross series despite suffering poor results at the weekend's fifth round at Nanaimo.

The Team Suzuki Rockstar Energy/ OTSFF rider still managed to card a tenth place finish in moto one and a fifth in moto two, which saw him finish a respectable eighth overall on the day. He also kept his lead in the MX1 title hunt, albeit by just one point.

Meanwhile, brother Jeremy, who DNF'd moto one and carded 13th in the second, finished 18th overall, which dropped from third in the MX2 points standings to a tie for fifth.

In the first MX1 moto, Tyler got a mid-pack start that he could do little to improve on over the ensuing 15 laps. He hovered around 10th place for most of the race, briefly breaking into ninth place to eventually finish in 10th. The second moto start proved to be much better for the Kemptville, Ontario rider: He rounded turn one in third and installed himself in second place before the end of the first lap. He remained there for a while battling the likes of Jeff Northrop and Blair Morgan - both of whom were on the move to secure a second and third overall finish respectively - but had to settle for fifth.

"It was just one of those weekends when no matter what you do, you don't seem to be doing it right. We even tried a new bike set-up, but I just seemed to struggle with it and the track," said Tyler. "It was definitely a weekend to forget other than to learn from my mistakes."

In MX2 action, Jeremy, like Tyler, got off to a mid-pack first moto start that saw him in 17th place. Undaunted, he got on the gas to start picking off the riders in front of him. Five laps into the race, however, a technical problem took him out of contention while he was setting his sights on 10th place. Known for his 'do or die' attitude, he gated for the second moto intent on recovering some valuable points, but again a technical problem would be his undoing. This time, at the start of the moto, a small rock struck his front brake line near the master cylinder cracking it, which in turn bled all the fluid out of the system. Despite having no front brake on the treacherous course, he soldiered on to still finish in 13th place, coming all the way from dead last!

"It was disappointing to have to deal with these issues because I knew from practice and qualifying that I was on my game. But nobody is immune from technical problems at some point because it's all part of racing," he said.  "I was just happy to get some points out of it. I mean, I could have left Nanaimo completely scoreless."

Like the Medaglia brothers, their team mate Brady Sheren showed true competition spirit and a racer's heart by booking his best results of the season to date. Despite a couple of bobbles the Surrey native brought home 12th overall on the strength of 13-10 moto results and moved up to 17th in the current points standings.

"I was able grab back some points this weekend and that's my goal for the rest of the season - to race for points. I know I'll need to stay upright and consistent to do that if I'm going to finish the series with a top 15 ranking. I'm aiming for top-10 and if things keep going my way I should be able to finish somewhere between 15th and 10th," said Brady.

Team Suzuki's third MX1 rider, Mitch Cooke, still looking to find the right formula that has seen him on the podium in the past, finished one position back of Sheren, thanks to 14-13 moto results.

Team Suzuki/Rockstar Energy/ OTSFF now heads to Edmonton for Round 6 of the CMRC Nationals.  A new venue for the series - Castrol Raceway - will host their first CMRC National on July 19th and 20th.