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 Truly International Entry    

The Silverstone Classic on 25/26/27 July will be a truly global event, with drivers travelling from all corners of the world to compete on the renowned Grand Prix circuit. From the 900 drivers taking part in the Silverstone Classic, a remarkable total of 99 of them are from outside the UK, and their presence adds further to the prestige of the 21-race festival of classic motor racing.

Of the visiting drivers, the US is the most common origin, with 17 representatives. The 3-litre Formula 1 era is tremendously popular in North America and seven American racers will compete in either the Historic Formula One or Grand Prix Masters races, or both. But the busiest driver from North America will be Roy Walzer, racing three iconic single-seaters in the Historic F1 (Williams FW07D), HGPCA (Brabham BT11) and Formula Junior (Lotus 27) in a total of six races through the weekend.

European visitors are many, notably in the Formula 1, Formula Junior, Group C and Gentleman Drivers races, with a dozen drivers from each of Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. From Switzerland come husband and wife team Hubertus and Andrea Bahlsen to race in Historic Formula One with their Tyrrell 008 and Arrows A4 respectively.

The tremendous Formula Junior entry includes seven Italian drivers, five of them racing cars produced in Italy. Among them will be a pair of Taraschis, front-engined Formula Juniors built in Italy from 1958 to 1960 and styled on the Maserati 250F Grand Prix car. Also taking inspiration from contemporary Formula 1 designs are a pair of Wainer Formula Juniors, with the 1963 model reminiscent of the 1961 'shark-nose' Ferrari 156.

Making the long haul trip from Australia are four drivers, with veteran Scotty Taylor on his third consecutive summer tour of major British historic racing events with his Formula 2 Cooper T45 in the HGPCA races. Sharing the stunning Sauber Mercedes in the Group C race will be Rob Sherrard and Wayne Park, while Richard Longes travels half way around the world to race a Bugatti T35B in the BRDC 500.

While some local drivers, like Jon Milicevic (Formula Junior racer from Towcester), Chris Phillips (Gentleman Drivers racer from Whittlebury), Graham Churchill (Top Hat Saloons racer from Silverstone village), Crispian Besley (Formula Junior racer from Towcester), Barrie Williams (Gentleman Drivers racer from Brackley) and Steve Smith (Formula Junior racer from Northampton), have a journey of less than 10 miles to get to Silverstone, other drivers will be travelling many thousands of miles to compete in this festival of historic racing.

Event Background

The annual Silverstone Classic festival will be organised and promoted by Motion Works UK Limited (MWUK), the company recently licensed by Silverstone to stage the event for the next five years.

The annual Silverstone Classic is a celebration of motor racing across all decades from the 1920s to the 1990s on a current FIA approved circuit and is not totally historic as it also invites more contemporary races such as Group C, Saloons and late Formula One cars to be raced and seen in their appropriate surroundings. Classic Car Owner Clubs from across the UK and overseas play an important supporting role in recent years with 4,000 cars expected this year.

The event Auction remains an important landmark and features such as the Scarf & Goggles meeting area, art & photo galleries, period air displays, funfairs, themed catering, will be retained and enhanced, with new attractions being added over the next few years.

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