V8 Ute Elsegood "hustles" his way back

 into V8 Ute series contention

 Layton Crambrook has managed to hold onto the Championship lead, after Round Five of the Yokohama V8 Ute Racings Series at QLD Raceway.

Crambrook had a convincing win in race one but wasn’t able to make up enough ground in the 16 reverse grid start in Race Two and ended in 25th position plus copped a post race pit lane drive through after an incident with Charlie Kovacs.

The former V8 Supercar driver was looking to regain a podium position in race three but just wasn’t fast enough to contend with Jack “The Hustler” Elsegood who ran down both Grant Johnson and Kim Jane to take the round win.

“It’s a bit of a shame with a disqualification in the last race so we were a bit behind the eighth ball but it was good to grab some good points to keep us in the lead. It is going to be a tough end of the season,” Crambrook said.

Elsegood was off to a great start in the final from his number four grid spot closing in on reigning champion Grove Fruit driver Grant Johnson.

The Coopers Pale Ale driver kept pushing through leaving it up to the two Holden drivers, Gary Baxter and Johnson to battle it out for third position, which they did very well – with Johnson taking third in a neck and neck finish by .0029 of a second.

Jane, Johnson and Baxter all went into the final race on equal points with Baxter throwing it all away at Turn 3 after a massive dice under brakes for the race lead.

Day three of Round Five saw some great performances - especially by youngster George Miedecke who recorded the fastest lap in a V8 Ute race at QLD Raceway in a time of 1:24.73 in Race Two however also copped a post race penalty for an incident with Colin Corkery.  Robert Jarvis celebrated his birthday with his best ever feat finishing 9th in the same race while Crambrook’s in - experienced team - mate, Wayne Lamont had his best ever finish with14th in Race Three.

Sonax Premium Car Care Best Presented Award to Matt Kingsley on behalf of Alan Jarvis.

SS Inductions Hard Charger Award for passing the most amount of Utes in one race to George Elliot who passed 14 Utes in Race One.

Clutch Industries Hole Shot Award - for the best start, which went to Ryal Harris from Global Technologies Holden in Race Three.

Layton Crambrook although not on podium has left himself in a comfortable position to begin round six at Winton Saturday, 2nd August although Jane and Johnson have closed the championship gap.

Elsegood and Jane finished on equal points for the weekend with Elsegood awarded the round win for winning the final race. Johnson finished third for the round.

Series Results:Layton Crambrook      Ford       435 pointsKim Jane                      Holden   410 pointsGrant Johnson            Holden   385 pointsRyal Harris                   Holden   345 pointsGeorge Miedecke      Ford        329 pointsGary Baxter                 Holden   316 pointsJack Elsegood            Ford       310 pointsColin Corckery            Ford       302 pointsStephen Robinson     Ford       290 pointsGary McDonald          Holden   290 points

Top Ten Race Two Results:Grant Johnson       Holden      1:25.32Glenn McNally        Holden     1:25.53Kim Jane                  Holden     1:24.73Jack Elsegood        Ford          1:25.04Ryal Harris               Holden     1:25.51Gary Baxter              Holden     1:25.20Stephen Robinson  Ford         1:25.40Craig Dontas           Ford          1:25.81Robert Jarvis           Ford          1:25.70Gary MacDonald    Holden      1:26.24

Top Ten Three Results:Jack Elsegood         Ford         1:25.95Kim Jane                  Holden     1:26.26Grant Johnson        Holden     1:26.23Layton Crambrook  Ford         1:26.10Glenn McNally         Holden     1:26.81Ryal Harris                Holden     1:26.88George Miedecke    Ford          1:26.77Stephen Robinson  Ford           1:26.80Colin Corckery         Ford           1:26.72