Rally Route

For the second year almost half the route is new, although the rally remains in its traditional central Finland base of Jyväskylä.  Organisers have focused on ensuring the roads are durable enough for an entry boasting more than 100 cars. 

After the traditional Thursday evening super special stage at Killeri trotting track, Friday's action is based west of Jyväskylä.  The major changes are centred on Saturday's second leg which contains virtually half the competitive distance.  Traditionally regarded as the year's classic day of competition, it is again based on wide and flowing roads near Jämsä, but five of the 10 stages are new from last year.  The awesome Ouninpohja, a roller-coaster section of road full of sweeping bends, blind crests and jumps and viewed as rallying's ultimate test of skill and bravery, will not be used for safety reasons, although parts of the stage are incorporated into another test.  Sunday's final leg covers three tests east of Jyväskylä. 

Drivers face 340.42km of action in a 1461.58km route.

Thursday 31 July: Day 1 Jyväskylä - Jyväskylä

Start   Jyväskylä Paviljonki                    19.00 SS1     SSS Killeri 1           2.06km  19.45   Finish  Jyväskylä Paviljonki                    20.15

Friday 1 August: Day 1 (continued) Jyväskylä - Jyväskylä

Serv A  Paviljonki (15 mins)                            06.30 SS2     Vellipohja 1                    17.16km 07.30 SS3     Mökkiperä 1                     11.38km 08.26 SS4     Palsankylä 1                    13.90km 09.09 Serv B  Paviljonki (30 mins)                            10.32 SS5     Vellipohja 2                    17.16km 11.47 SS6     Mökkiperä 2                     11.38km 12.43 SS7     Palsankylä 2                    13.90km 13.26 Serv C  Paviljonki (30 mins)                            14.49 SS8     Urria                   12.65km 16.18 SS9     Lautaperä                         7.87km        16.50 SS10    Jukojärvi                       22.18km 17.29 SS11    SSS Killeri 2                     2.06km        20.00 Serv D  Paviljonki (45 mins)                            20.30 Finish  Paviljonki                      21.15

Total                               131.70km

Saturday 2 August: Day 2 Jyväskylä - Jyväskylä

Serv E  Paviljonki (15 mins)                            06.00 SS12    Himos                   15.35km 07.13 SS13    Hirvimäki                       10.67km 08.09 SS14    Surkee 1                        14.80km 08.34 Serv F  Paviljonki (30 mins)                            09.33 SS15    Leustu                  21.43km 10.46 SS16    Kakaristo 1                     20.09km 11.45 SS17    Kaipolanvuori                   13.64km 12.26 SS18    Surkee 2                        14.80km 13.31 Serv G  Paviljonki (30 mins)                            14.30 SS19    Kakaristo 2                     20.09km 16.13 SS20    Juupajoki                       21.13km 17.03 SS21    Väärinmaja                      16.25km 17.56           Serv H  Paviljonki (45 mins)                            19.51 Finish  Paviljonki                      20.36

Total                           168.25km

Sunday 3 August: Day 3 Jyväskylä - Jyväskylä

Serv I  Paviljonki (15 mins)                            08.20 SS22    Lankamaa                23.09km 09.38 SS23    Hannula                 10.92km 10.44 SS24    Ruuhimäki                 6.46km        12.02 Finish  Paviljonki                      13.30

Total                         40.47km Rally total                         340.42km

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