Superleague Formula wins @ Nurburgring

Superleague Formula development driver Bruce Jouanny took the first "victory" for the V12-powered Panoz chassis at the Nurburgring on Sunday.

Jouanny's prototype Superleague Formula car took part in a "World of Race Cars" event prior to the DTM event at the famous German circuit.

The Frenchman's competition included the Audi R10 sportscar, its Peugeot Le Mans rivals and the LMP2 class Porsche Spyder. Other entries included historic grand prix racers from Mercedes and Audi, GT machines from Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and Corvette; a Lancia Delta Integrale rally machine; a VW Touareg Dakar rally entry and even a Red Bull NASCAR chassis.

After starting, mid-pack, the regular Le Mans Series driver soon relished the opportunity to catch, and pass, his sportscar rivals and went on to take victory in the 10 lap demonstration event.

"It was a great opportunity to actually race the Superleague Formula chassis for the first time and do battle with a wide variety of other cars," Jouanny said.

"For me to race against the Audi and the Peugeot was a great opportunity - I usually don't get the chance to catch these guys in the Le Mans Series, let alone pass them on the racetrack.

"But for our championship, it was a brilliant opportunity to showcase the car in front of thousands of fans.

"It will be brilliant when the championship comes to the Nurburgring for round two - the fans are going to be in for an even bigger show."

The Superleague Formula championship will visit the Nurburgring from September 20 to 21.