Kimis Hungarian preview

No stress!

Obviously it's not a secret that I am not happy how things have gone during the last five races. To be honest I felt very disappointed with those three successive races in Montreal, Magny-Cours and Silverstone. Every time I was in a good position to win the race, but for whatever reason things did not work out the way I wanted and we lost.

I have never been stressing too much and I'm not going to start right now. I just keep my head high and push as hard as I can in the next race again. That's what I've been doing every time we have had some difficult races back to back.

It's never nice to go to media after a race without a win. I love to win, not to explain, why we were not able to win.

Last race in Hockenheim was the most difficult weekend of the year. Of course I was disappointed and frustrated not to find a good balance in the car.

Now we are in a better shape. We had a very productive test, especially the second day was good and the car felt well balanced again.

The team has been effective in developing our car and we are confident we should be competitive in Hungary. The Ferrari seems to like the hot weather so hopefully finally we will get a hot weekend. That's what we have been looking forward the whole summer.

Obviously McLaren have improved their car over the past two races, but things can change again very quickly.

I have won once in Hungary and finished twice second. Two years ago I've got a pole position, but so many things happened during that race and the pole didn't help. This is one of those circuits where it's very difficult to overtake. So it's very important to have a good qualifying lap on Saturday.

It's still too early to make any predictions of the championshionship. The top three are inside 7 points, so the positions can change only after one race. It's useless to worry what has happened. Let's just look ahead. There are eight races to go and then we will see who is at the top in the end.

We are just over the half way point, so it's important to score consistent points over the remaining GPs. Hockenheim aside, I have been in a good position to win races and that will happen soon again.

The championship is  going to be very close and I'm looking forward to win races again.

One more push and after Hungary it will be holiday time. It's always nice to have a break and charge the batteries for the rest of the season. After testing in Jerez I had a a couple of days to enjoy the beautiful Finnish summer in the sea with the boat.

Now we are on our way to Hungary. We will have our fourth wedding anniversary with Jenni on Thursday, but I'll be then in Budapest - hopefully to win the race.

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