Olly Clark crowned TOTB Champion’


Another year, another Ten of the Best (TOTB) and what a show it was! One of the hottest years yet, TOTB, which has been going since 2001, was not to be missed.

One of Europe’s premier performance events, TOTB attracts drivers hoping to break world records and to prove their modified cars’ performance/abilities to the public. And with a handling circuit and one mile dragstrip at Elvington in York, TOTB is definitely the place to do this.

Car clubs, trade, thousands of spectators and competitors with their street-legal cars poured into the grounds over the scorching weekend. Amongst those attending to compete, and the person with the most eyes on him, was Olly Clark of Roger Clark Motorsport who was back this year to defend his title of TOTB Champion. And boy, did he do that!

Olly wiped the floor with his competitors, collecting trophy after trophy (nine in total!) and leaving little space for others. Driving his 850 BHP, Turbo Dynamics specially prepared GT4094R turbocharged Subaru Impreza STi, Olly won the Redline award of ‘Top Speed Champion’ with a recorded speed of 194.9 MPH. He also won the 4WD ¼ mile Drag Shootout with a time of 9.28secs at 156 MPH.

In his wake battling for the title of Champion were Clive Seddon and Adrian Smith of Fensport. Adrian, who experienced several unforeseen problems with his 4WD Toyota Celica on the day, including a broken driveshaft and the loss of 2nd gear, did brilliantly to achieve near Champion status.

Adrian commented, “[We] stripped the car to find a broken driveshaft was the cause of the retirement; a big shame as I didn't complete a handling run. However, I was very pleased with a 10.27 quarter mile and 180 on the speed.” Adrian’s Celica is powered by a Turbo Dynamics GT3542R turbo.

Turbocharger specialists, Turbo Dynamics (TD) were also present at TOTB, both as event sponsors and in support of their customers. They attended with their gorgeous TD girls, ‘Lovely Louisa’ and ‘Heavenly Hayley’ and some members of staff. The girls who were dressed in blue and white fitted trousers and crop-tops proved popular with the crowds, handing out TD goodie bags, posing for photographs and presenting the show’s awards.

The Dorset based company’s four glass trophies for the fastest turbocharged cars were awarded to:

Fastest FWD -  Errol HuelFastest RWD - Nathan FrekeFasted 4WD -  Olly ClarkFastest Handling -  Duncan Cowper

Further Turbo Dynamics customers competing on the day included record breaker, Mick Begley and his brother John. Mick, who attended with his infamous bright yellow “Jun Super Lemon” and Tweenie Rob mapped ‘Duke Group’ Skylines, successfully won the ‘1/4 Mile Class Pro Drag’. Competing in his Turbo Dynamics twin turbocharged GT3542 hybrid powered car, he achieved an impressive time of 8.71 secs at 171 MPH.

World record breaker and TOTB 4 Champion, Keith Cowie was also present with his newly painted ‘baby blue’ Skyline. Despite experiencing several problems on the day, Keith managed to win the ‘¼ Mile Drag Pro Drag Shootout’ with a time of 8.75 seconds in his 1,250 BHP car. The 3 litre Skyline has 1,600cc injectors and boasts a bespoke TD hybrid GT4247R turbo, which was designed specifically for Keith.

Another winning TD customer was Nigel Ogram whose TD GT2871R turbocharged car is used for both racing and commuting; the car has an extremely impressive 190k on the milometer! Nigel said that he was pleased with his Turbo Dynamics turbocharger, which has proved immensely reliable having been used on the road and at the last three TOTB events! Not to disappoint, Nigel won the ‘Handling – Class Winner FWD’ trophy.

Nick Hedley Motorsport attended TOTB with their TD turbocharged van and retro Mk 1 Ford Escort; Hedley’s turbos were supplied by TD dealer, Field Motorsport. Two of the less common vehicles at the event, they were in pristine condition and popular with the spectators. Unfortunately for the team though, the car’s throttle became stuck open during the day, forfeiting their chances to win any awards.

Yet another competitor experiencing bad fortune was Robert Varela from Team Vauxhall whose car, while being tested on Saturday evening, caught fire from a fuel leak. Following the fuel catching fire, the Nitrous Oxide caught and then the car battery exploded! Needless to say, the car was not run on Sunday, but thankfully it is understood that there were no casualties.

Team Subaru fared better than Team Vauxhall though, winning the ‘Redline TOTB 7 Team Award’. Members in the winning team running TD turbos included, Olly Clark of Roger Clark Motorsport, Andy Forrest, John Stevenson, Rob Harriman and Mark Aigin of Lateral Performance.

Of the competitors running Turbo Dynamics turbos, TD’s Craig Hodgson said “We are very pleased that we’ve helped so many people achieve such outstanding results. The partnership with Turbo Dynamics and Roger Clark Motorsport, with Olly Clark behind the wheel, has proved yet again to be a winning combination!

“We are pleased to continue our support and sponsorship of Mick Begley and Keith Cowie, and we will continue to endeavour to support our customers and move forward with leading-edge technology, which should allow them to achieve even better results in the future!”

Redline TOTB VII in association with Millers Oils - Trophy & Award List 2008 Class/Prize/Winner1/4m Class Winner FWD  Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Errol Huel1/4m Class Winner RWD Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Nathan Freke1/4m Class Winner 4WD Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Olly Clark1/4m Class Pro Drag Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Mick BegleyHandling - Class Winner FWD Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Nigel OgramHandling - Class Winner RWD Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Dunan CowperHandling - Class Winner 4WD Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Gavin RenshawTop Speed Class Winner FWD Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Andrew SpeckTop Speed Class Winner RWD Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Stephen RossTop Speed Class Winner 4WD Trophy & £50 Millers Oil Voucher Olly Clark1/4m Drag Shootout FWD Winner - Andrew Speck1/4m Drag Shootout RWD Winner - Nathan Freke1/4m Drag Shootout 4WD - Olly Clark1/4m Drag Pro Drag Shootout Winner - Keith CowieMain AwardsRedline TOTB 7 Top Speed Champion - Olly ClarkRedline TOTB 7 Handling Shootout Champion - Gavin RenshawRedline TOTB 7 Team Award Trophy Team SubaruRedline TOTB 7 Champion - Overall Winner - Olly ClarkTurbo Dynamics - Fastest Turbocharged CarsFastest FWD Trophy Errol HuelFastest RWD Trophy Nathan FrekeFastest 4WD Trophy Olly ClarkFastest Handling Trophy Duncan CowperNitrous Oxide Supplies1/4m Drag Shootout Champion - Road Class Cylinder Olly ClarkPro Drag Class Shootout Champion

 Cylinder Keith CowieClass Prize WinnerJapaneses Performance MagazineFastest Japanese Car 1/4m Magazine subscription Olly ClarkTop Speed for Japanese Car Magazine subscription Olly ClarkQuickest Lap Japanese Car Magazine subscription Gavin RenshawAET Turbos - Fastest Non Tuner Cars 1/4m DragFastest FWD Rolling road voucher Errol HuelFastest RWD Rolling road voucher Nathan FrekeFastest 4WD Rolling road voucher Jeff LudgateCG LockHandling Shooutout Champion Safety Seatbelt Lock Gavin RenshawDrag Shootout Champion, Road Car Safety Seatbelt Lock Keith Cowie

’Redline TOTB 7 Champion - Overall Winner’ Olly Clark