Red Bulls F1 Olympics

he 2008 Olympics start next week, Mark reckoned he wouldn't mind trying the cycling, whileDavid said he'd go for the long distance running - but what would the rest of the F1 team do?

Marathon - Truckies - They're used to covering long distancesSynchronised Swimming - Mechanics - Perfect pit stop coordinationTrampolining -- Marketing - Used to bouncing up and down, but not getting anywhereDecathlon - Team Principal - Good at everythingRowing  - Press Officers - The only people confident enough to move forwards while facingbackwardsPole Vaulting - Nick Heidfeld - Pushing to overtake his team-mateVolleyball - Strategists - Give them a ball, they give it straight back to you or drop itPutting out the Olympic Flame - Health and SafetyHeptathlon - Designers - Everyone knows it's very clever, but no one's really sure what it isSynchronised Diving - Driver Managers - Very nice to look at, but possibly pointlessWater Polo - Driver Trainers - The only people you could persuade to take horses into aswimming poolFencing - Paint Shop - They love wearing face masks and white clothes

QUOTESCar 10 MARK WEBBER, 1st Practice P11, 2nd Practice P12"We've got some work to do tonight to try and work out where we can find some more pace inthe car. We had a good run in terms of laps completed, but it would always be nice to be a bitquicker. We'll be back tomorrow and will do our best."

Car 9 DAVID COULTHARD, 1st Practice P12, 2nd Practice P13"A normal Friday for us today, making our tyre comparisons and getting used to theconditions. I think it's going to be very tight again in the mid-group, but we'll see how tomorrowgoes."


MARK WEBBERFirst Practice SessionPosition: 11, Best Time: 1:22.654, Laps: 23, Chassis No. 4Second Practice SessionPosition: 12, Best Time: 1:21.733, Laps: 43, Chassis No. 4

DAVID COULTHARDFirst Practice SessionPosition: 12, Best Time: 1:22.700, Laps: 16, Chassis No. 3Second Practice SessionPosition: 13, Best Time: 1:21.837, Laps: 34, Chassis No. 3